Gourmet Takeaways

Cottage Picnic Baskets

Pre-order,  pre-pay, pick up at The Sir William Mackenzie Inn

Fridays from noon till 7

  • Cottage Box (8-10 guests) $135

    1 herb-crusted cherry wood smoked chicken au jus

  • 2 lbs Black River BBQ pulled pork

  • Oven-baked brioche buns

  • 2 litres ALMOST FAMOUS campfire baked beans

  • 2 sides Black River slaw

  • 2 sides rustic spud salad

  • 6 mac n cheese balls with Tuscan marinara sauce

  • 1 cottage fruit pie

  • 4-6 Campers $75

    1 herb-crusted cherry wood smoked chicken au jus

  • 1 lb Black River BBQ pulled pork

  • Oven-baked brioche buns

  • 1 litre campfire baked beans (vegan)

  • 1 side Black River slaw

  • 1 side rustic spud salad

  • 3 mac n cheese balls with Tuscan marinara sauce

  • 1 cottage fruit pie

  • 2-4 Campers $20

    1 herb-crusted cherry wood smoked chicken

Premade Offerings

Fresh or Frozen, Ready to Go!

Our concept is slow food fast…

Slow Braised Stews

litre serves 3-4

  • Choice of:

  • "Almost Famous" Black River Campfire Baked Beans

    Traditional baked beans, caramelized onions, and sweet peppers infused with herbs and spices

  • Hunter's Stew

    A medley of venison, elk, and bison, farmer's vegetables and Lafontaine potatoes braised in a red wine reduction

  • Rosemary Chicken

    Slow roasted with tatties and farm gate vegetables in a creamy herb sauce

From the Kettle

  • Choice of:

  • Foraged wild mushroom and smoke-licked roast garlic

  • Cedar-smoked butternut squash and maple roasted shallot

  • Organic roast chicken and Algonquin wild rice

  • Grilled Coldwater venison lentil and barley

  • Hickory-smoked Hewitt's peaches and cream corn chowder and peameal

  • Farm gate broccoli and Canadian aged cheddar

Gourmet Meat Pies

  • Choice of:

  • Tortiere — The Canadian tradition continues

  • Hunter's roast game, market vegetables and juniper berries

  • Applewood free range chicken with celeriac and sage

  • Smoked free range turkey with chestnuts and seasonal berries


  • Choice of:

  • Bechamel grilled vegetable portobello lasagne

  • Grilled venison and basmati cabbage rolls

  • Classic cottage pie with ground Angus beef steeped in a rich gravy

  • Bison ragout

  • Venison and fingerling potato and pearl onion casserole

  • Wood-smoked stuffed pepper boats topped with our earthy tomato sauce and grated paderno

  • Creamy mac n' cheese with smoked boar bacon, foraged mushroom and wild leeks

Friday Night Slice

Black River Food Co. presents “Friday Night Slice,” supporting farm gate sales and local ingredients. Hearth stone corn meal-dusted pizza crust with handcrafted vine-ripened tomato sauce topped with Ontario craft cheeses.


  • The Kirkfield

    In house marinara sauce, cured pepperoni and shredded mozzarella

  • The Mackenzie

    In house marinara, bison salami, forest mushrooms, double-smoked bacon, three cheese blend

  • Garden Patch

    Cauliflower crust, green goddess pesto and fire-roasted farm gate veggies drizzled with balsamic glaze and crumbled feta

  • The Lock Master

    In house marinara, fire-roasted sweet peppers, cured pepperoni, caramelized onions and shredded mozzarella

  • The Hunter

    In house marinara, elk salami, blue mountain buffalo chuck, wild boar bacon and shredded mozzarella

Additional Toppings

  • Tier 1 Toppings

    Sweet peppers, black olives, green olives, caramelized onions, forest mushrooms, pineapple, crumbled bacon, banana peppers

  • Tier 2 Toppings

    Elk salami, buffalo chuck, wild boar bacon, bison sausage, blue cheese, grilled Highland's chicken breast, 5-yr Canadian cheddar

  • Railway Caesar Salad

    Torn romaine hearts, focaccia croutons, and parmesan shards tossed in a garlicky homemade Caesar dressing

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